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About Us

SERGIO'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT has been around since 2010.

Being Italian and coming from the beautiful island of Sardegna I guess a passion for people and for food has always been part of my DNA. In Italy we mix the two together as part of everyday life and so having all our family and friends around the table at meal times is as natural to us as breathing! This is the type of friendly and relaxing atmosphere I am looking to recreate here in Guisborough along with my team. The menu is very much a mix of really tasty traditional home cooked Italian food that my mum and dad taught me to cook from a very young age along with local and national dishes . As with all food the key to obtaining the right texture and taste all comes from using the very best ingredients and with this in mind where possible we use local produce along with the very best imported Italian produce. I have been in catering all my life and just love the diversity of people you get to meet and chat to as every day is different and new. Now I can add this to my passion for and love of food. I am so excited about this new venture and raring to make my mark as part of a new, regenerated and vibrant Guisborough. 

* We buy all of our ingredients locally. *